Star Field Costs

One of the largest expenses for a star field is the cost of the fiber. In fact, I ended up spending about 70% of my budget on the fiber optic cables alone! The amount of fiber you need depends on your project size, the placement of your illuminator, the diameter cable you use, the number of stars you want to run, and how you purchase your fiber. Buying fiber in bulk (by the spool) is the best option for your budget unless your project is very small.

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Besides the fiber, the next largest expense is probably going to be your illuminator. There are a lot of options for selecting an illuminator and the most expensive one is not always the best. Once you determine what you want your starfield to do (twinkle, shoot, colors, etc) and how many stars you are going to install, you can then narrow down your illuminator selection. Brighter is not always better; in fact, a star field that is too bright can be distracting and unrealistic. Testing out fiber sizes first is critical to make sure your room turns out perfect. is an excellent resource to help you get started on your project and can supply you with fiber optic products - plus they are highly recommended across the industry for the knowledge and expertise that they have brought to the DIY'er.
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