Building a Star Field

Learning how to do a star field yourself (DIY) is a pretty straight forward project. Once you master the basic concepts and determine your overall project requirements you will be off and running. Most of your time and energy will be spent threading panel after panel, eagerly awaiting the final moment when you flick the switch and see your timeless masterpiece. By following my project from start to finish you'll learn key concepts and techniques:

  star field ceiling dimensions

  • How does a star field work?
  • What is an illuminator?
  • What size fiber optic cable should I use?
  • How long did it take to install?
  • How much did it cost?
  • How do you install the fiber optics?
  • Tips and Tricks to a successful project.
  • Plus much more....... is an excellent resource to help you get started on your project and can supply you with fiber optic products - plus they are highly recommended across the industry for the knowledge and expertise that they have brought to the DIY'er.
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Fiber Optic Star Fields
Remote Control Integration
Home Theater PC's (HTPC)
High Definition...For Free?
Room Shape and Size
Speaker Configuration
Speaker Placement
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