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Now available on Google Play! Follow my star field project from start to finish. A new guide to help introduce you to everything about star field projects. A step by step guide that walks you through my entire star ceiling installation - 230 pages of step by step details including actual project pictures, cost breakdown, and tips and tricks.

Guide Overview:
Free Guide contains a table of contents for the Premium Guide.
Basic Guide contains all of the project photo's along with cost and equipment breakdowns.
Premium Guide contains all of the content; everything in the Basic Guide plus all the chapter content (Includes 60 pages of commentary on the entire project) plus tips and tricks on DIY Home Theater advice!

Several years ago my wife and I visited a high end home theater retail store. The store had several demo rooms which we were given a brief 10 minute demo. I was immediately hooked. The room was simply amazing!! The room was basically a small version of a real movie theater! We both knew this was something we wanted to persue, but after talking to several home theater stores we quickly learned it was simply not going to happen; it was simply way too expensive. To build a high end room our quotes ranged in excess of $75,000, with some much higher than that. I was in complete shock and outraged! How could it be so much...? How much are these stores making in profit? Nonetheless, this began my journey.

Over the next few months, I began researching home theaters and made it my goal to build it myself for a fraction of the price. I wanted to prove that I could have a high end theater of my own without paying someone a fortune to do the work. Looking back, I'm glad I was angered by the excessive quotes because it motivated me to go "over the top" and build a room that would rival the high end, overpriced demo rooms.

Part of the reason why the markup on home theater construction is so high is the knowledge and expertise that they bring to the project. However, as you will learn, most of the concepts are common sense and can be picked up quickly if you know where to look. Building a home theater is a big project, but when you start out educated and prepared you can do it just like the pro's...but at a fraction of the price.

Whether you are going to build a theater yourself of have it done by a pro, my goal is to educate you with the process by following my project from start to finish. I'll share all of my techniques and knowledge which helped me build my dream home theater at just a fraction of the price. By reviewing the features and options that went into building my theater perhaps you will decide to incorporate a few into your design! Designed for both the beginner and enthusiast, my book will give you both the ideas and confidence to help keep your project in budget; and if you are not satisfied I will gladly refund your purchase price.

Best of luck on your project! And please send me your finished pictures!

DIYMovieRooms Founder

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Product Reviews:
Product: Premium Guide
Review: Mike H.
Your guide helped me plan my home theater and gave me ideas that I would have skipped without it. Overall, a great value with tons of useful information! I'll send you some pictures when I am completed with my theater. Thanks for your help!
Product: Premium Guide
Review: Debbie K.
I bought this guide for my husband. Just the pictures and captions alone are worth the price! We love how you documented your project and shared it with everyone. I was very surpised to learn your final cost. We hope to have a theater like yours someday.
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