Home Theater PC's

A home theater PC (HTPC) is one of the best ways to integrate all of your home theater components. A HTPC provides almost endless integration opportunities; usually at a minimum you will use your HTPC to watch and record TV (just like a TIVO), store and watch your DVD's, stream movies from the web (from Netflix/Blockbuster/etc), and surf the web. An HTPC system typically has a remote control and the software interface normally has a 10-foot user interface design so that it can be comfortably viewed at typical television viewing distances. Many people build their own HTPC, but if you are not comfortable with this, there are many vendors that will sell you a prebuilt one.
In this article, I will discuss my HTPC build and integration. More content is coming shortly, so please check back soon.
HTPC cases come in many different shapes and styles. Pictured below is the ThermalTake DH 102 with an included 7” 800x600 LCD touch screen panel on the front.

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Home Theater PC's (HTPC)
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