Home Theater Design Plans

Styling / Decor / Wall colors
I probably spent the most of my planning on the styling of the home theater. Factors that were most important to me included dark colors to absorb the reflections, a stylish design that would give the room a theater feel, and a proper layout that would provide the best acoustics. In my finished design, you will notice that all of my sconces are on small bumpouts - a 12" wide box that extends from floor to ceiling. At first it may appear as though this was incorporated for appearance, but that is not the case. These bumpouts serve as acoustic defelctors by breaking up the sound waves and preventing them from bouncing all around the room. The rectangular shape of the room also assisted with acoustics.
Capability to easily add a star field in future
During my vists to local retailers there was one custom theater that caught my attention. Although smaller than my design, it incorporated a fiber optic star field into the ceiling. Let me tell you, it was really a cool feature but I was not sure if it was right for me at the time. Given my indecision, I planned on skipping this feature but I designed the capability to add this in the future by allowing for the future fiber runs, transformer location, and allowing this zone to be added to my overall lighting as a zone. For the past few years I've been close to doing this addition, however, I just have not pulled the trigger yet. Regardless, I'm glad I planned for it.
Theater ergonomics
The main factor with the home theater's ergonomics was were to place the entry door. A rear or side door was ideal since it would eliminate distractions as friends come and go. Another important consideration was how the theater was going to be used. I wanted to design the theater for watching movies, TV, playing video games, surfing the web, and even for conference calls. I also wanted to be able to heat and cool the room effectively and keep the guests comfortable.

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Fiber Optic Star Fields
Remote Control Integration
Home Theater PC's (HTPC)
High Definition...For Free?
Room Shape and Size
Speaker Configuration
Speaker Placement
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