Home Theater Design Plans

Floor Lighting....just like the real thing
I always liked the appeal of the real movie theaters...but without the distractions of cell phones, etc. I also wanted a way for a viewer to leave the theater quietly and safely without disturbing others -step lighting was the answer. And as it turns out, the stuff I installed is the same stuff you see in your local theater. This is something that could have been easily overlooked, but it really made an impact on my design.
Zoned Mood Lighting: Wall lighting, ceiling lighting, etc
Proper lighting was essential. Lighting sets the mood. My goal was to have several zones of dimmable lighting that I could configure for different settings; bright when people enter, dimmed when watching previews, and different levels of dark for watching a movie vs watching TV. Lighting design is huge! Controlling it from my seat was also a very important design.
Seperate Equipment Room with easy access
Equipment. It's noisy, creates heat/light, and can be a distraction. Although it looks cool to see a large rack of organized equipment stacked neatly, I wanted it out of the way yet very accessible. A rear equipment room was the perfect solution...with a hidden door. I was able to design a door that blended seamlessly with the walls and trim and when opened it first appears to only be a rack of components in the wall. However, the rack is wheeled and can be pushed back easily allowing entry into the equipment room from the theater. I also wanted to vent this room to exhaust all the heat and design this room as both the theater's and entire home's distribution center / server room. This room often goes unnoticed as was my intention.

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