The theater seats 7 adults comfortably. The seating area consists of two rows; 3 large leather recliners on the floor and 4 on the rear riser. Each seat is electonically reclined which conventiently plugs into an outlet behind the chairs. The riser was built using large 12" wide pressure treated timbers since it comes in touch with the basement floor. I added cross members to the riser for added stability, added two steps which are placed on each ends of the theater to the left and right of the front row and wrapped tongue and grove plywood as the riser's floor. This riser is solid and was glued and screwed down to elimate squeeks.

The step lighting was both a safety and appearance decision. The step lighting wraps around the front curved stage and also around the rear riser's edges, including the steps. The step lighting was custom made to my theater and was fairly affordable. I just faxed over my specs to the company and in a few weeks the product was delivered to my door. The lights are all LED, low voltage, and are connected to a transformer in the equipment room; again zoned and dimmable. Wiring is easy too, you just use speaker wire to connect the sections together and glue the sections down to the subfloor with construction adhesive and/or staples.

The theater is wired for four surround speakers; two rear surrond on the back wall and two side surrounds on the side walls. Currently I am only running a 5.1 setup so I have not connected the side surrounds. I'm not sure I have plans to ever connect these since the sound is tremedous as-is. However, the option exists if you change your mind.

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