Equipment Room

The equipment room. Where do I start....This small room is packed full of cool technologies that not only control my theater, but also control my entire home and network. Your first thought is probably "That must have cost a fortune".... but again everything was kept very afforable by doing it myself. The equipment room's main feature is a full sized mid-atlantic rack which I store all of my electronics and home networking gear; power conditioner, audio receiver, home theater pc, network storage device, router, switches, modems, etc. This rack is wheeled and sits in a track to allow it to be easily moved away from the hidden theater door to gain access to each room. The ceiling again is a drop ceiling, which uncovered, unveils the two incoming conduits with all the wires neatly zip/velcro tied which crawl down a corner wall to the rack. Hanging on the wall is a detailed wiring diagram and all the wires are clearly labeled. I also use this room to store extra wires, etc. which are in boxes, stacked along one wall. At the end of this room is an exit door to the back side of the basement. Other items worth discussion include a vent system installed in the ceiling to evacuate heat, a coax run to the attic antenna to receive over the air HD broadcasts, and the IR system's hub to connect all of the rack equipment to the remote control.

Last is all of the theater's trim and color patterns. Most of my time was spent stenciling pencil lines on the walls to accurately place the trim after all the painting was complete. The theater's color scheme consists of four distinct colors; a dark stain for all the woodwork, a neutral yellow for the base walls, black ceilings and front wall, and a faux cork brown affect for the bumpouts and interior trim sections.

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